Wrap a jupyter cell group in a DIV using quarto


I am using jupyter notebooks with python. How can I
write a cell that creates a table with a .table-repsonsive div?

#|include: true

Could you ask you question in Quarto Discussion board please ?

There will be some specific helper there. We need probably a bit more context about what you want to do.

FWIU, you want to write Markdown directly ? Are you looking for Markdown Cells ?

Or is there computation involved here, as I am seing the chunk options. :thinking:

Anyhow, you should ask on Quarto side directly

Thanks, I created the post: How can I write a cell, or multiple cells, code and markdown as needed, that create a table with a .table-responsive div? · quarto-dev/quarto-cli · Discussion #5274 · GitHub

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