Workspace base project and reticulate install for all members

Hi, I would like to set up my class workspace on an organisation account so that all students will have access to reticulate and its python dependencies. When I install reticulate and Minconda on the base project, a new project cannot find available python. Is there a place on the workspace I can point reticulate towards to access python?
The below chunk on a new project in the workspace returns FALSE

py_available(initialize = TRUE)

Hi Barry,

I suspect the issue is that by default miniconda gets installed to your user's home directly (/home/rstudio-user), which is not shared when another user creates a project using your template (this is because it can contain private information like SSH keys). The fix would be to install miniconda under the /cloud/project directory, which will be copied.


Hi Andy, I think I have done this on the base project? Here is what I have done:

Sys.setenv(WORKON_HOME = "virtualenvs")
reticulate::virtualenv_create("r-reticulate", python = "miniconda/bin/python")
  method = "virtualenv",
  conda = "miniconda/bin/conda",
  envname = "r-reticulate",
  tensorflow = "1.13.1",
  restart_session = FALSE
line <- "WORKON_HOME=/cloud/project/virtualenvs"
writeLines(line, ".Renviron")

Opening a new project does then include the above file structure and files, but when I run both of these commands and check for python availability FALSE is returned.


reticulate::use_python(python = "miniconda/bin/python")

This is the space URL if that helps

I think you need to do something like


I have not tested this myself.

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the swift reply. Is this not what I have done with these lines of code?


When I create a new project the /miniconda folder does appear in the files but I cannot call it using reticulate.

So it all seems to be working now @andy_kipp. Some magic must have happened overnight!

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