Working with OLAP Cubes in R/R-Studio

Hi experts,

I have a given OLAP cube which is modeled as a star scheme using classical dimensions and facts. Work has been invested to create this reporting view using the star schema. I am looking for ways to report on this star scheme without programming everything from scratch.

How do you work with an OLAP cube within R/R-Studio/Shiny (Slicing, Dicing, Pivoting, Drill-Down etc.) ? Is there a package which provides a good "Framework" or is R/R-Studio the wrong platform ?



Never done anything with them myself, but I did find this article:
Using data from OLAP cubes in R - SQL Server Machine Learning Services | Microsoft Learn (though it seems to involve SQL Server too, so ¯\(°_o)/¯)

Couple other possible leads:

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