Working with files in Python

Hi. After years of working exclusively with R, I am dipping my toes into the Python water. I am using free versions of Anaconda and Project Jupyter | Try Jupyter.

Unlike RStudio which sits on my local computer and accesses my local directories and files, I understand that Anaconda and Project Jupyter | Try Jupyter are cloud based and therefore can not access my local directories. Is this correct, or is there a work-around? Although I may have the syntax wrong, I don't believe they are finding my local directories.

I can upload a file to the current working directory in Anaconda and access it, but I assume that file is not going to be there permanently, and next time the working directory may be different. Is there a free solution to getting some permanent filespace within my free Anaconda?

Or is there some other free solution to working with files in Python that I don't understand?

Thank you.

You can download Anaconda with all their provided software including Spyder for Python and R-studio to your computer and access files from your computer.

From my own experience with Anaconda I would recommend downloading a free independent version of Spyder.

By the way, R-studio now supports producing Quarto documents which combine Markdown with Julia (JUPYTER is Julia for Python) and can render documents containing both python and r codes.

Is my issue that I never downloaded Anaconda but instead chose the "Code in the Cloud" version?

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