Working on several dataframes with similar names


I am currently analyzing some data from an experiment.
I measured activity after 24, 48, 72 and 96 hours.

I named my different dataframes like "Time24h, Time48h, Time72h, Time96h".
When I analyzed my data, I use a workflow that I need to follow for each time point/dataframe.

When I use a command, is it possible to use for example a symbol (e.g. Time**) to apply the command to all the dataframes with a name starting by "Time...", in my case "Time24h, Time48h, Time72h, Time96h".

Thank you in advance,

Hi @fgaascht,
One solution is to use the lapply function and its relatives in R; see help(lapply).
Another option is the merge the dataframes together with an appropriate factor column to indicate "Time", and then work on the full dataframe using

full.df %>%
    group_by(Time) %>%

The second approach has the advantage that all your data are in the one place, ready for faceted plotting, etc.

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