Working directory is not loading data

I have been using R to interpret antibiotic resistance data i have imported into a data file. the excel file is saved as .csv file. For the first few days everything was running smoothly. today i have tried running the exact same code with no changes to either the working directory or the datafile and been met with the error message :
Error: './data/Amr-staph.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('C:/Users/bevis/OneDrive/R/data')
not too sure how to progress from here as this error message has only appeared today despite the code running yesterday. i have tried creating a new directory with the same data sets but this has not changed anything . any ideas are welcome. all files are stored on my windows laptop. this has happened once before but R restarted and resolved the issue. closing R and opening it again has not helped. sorry for the mishmash of sentences, dissertation is due in 24hrs and am running on little sleep.
code -
AMR <- read_csv("./data/Amr-staph.csv")

You are telling R to look for ".../R/data/data/Amr-staph.csv". Either remove "/data" from the last line or from the next to last line.

Here is my solution.

filepath_import <- r"(C:\Users\user\...\imported data)"

filename <- paste0(filepath_import, "/", "file name", ".csv")