Workflow and file structure with OneDrive/Sharepoint, R/RStudio, and GitHub

I just started a new job that uses Microsoft 365 Enterprise. I want to get my RProject workflow, file storage, and collaborative work structure sorted out before I'm too far along on new projects.

Main question: Where should I save/store my RProjects and the associated files?

Background: In this new cloud based world, almost everything I do/create is saved to OneDrive and I participate on Teams with access to files in Sharepoint. My work computer has R/RStudio already installed. I want source data to stay in Sharepoint, with the intent to fetch it to analyze it from R. I need advice about where I want to store/save RProjects given I'd also like to be pushing/pulling scripts and results to GitHub.

  1. Where should save my RProjects? It seems I can choose a folder in OneDrive or locally on my machine (C: drive). Does it matter? For now I have them in a folder on my C: drive connected to git/GitHub. I can push/pull my scripts, but now I can't get Sharepoint data through mapped folders.
  2. If I store projects on my C: drive, should I be able to get Sharepoint data with {Microsoft365R}? (I tried and was denied, but if this is the best path I could request permission from the IT department)
  3. If I store projects in a folder on OneDrive, will pushing/pulling to GitHub get messed up? I'd always been advised not to host RProjects within synced folders/drives (is that old advice now that everything is cloud based?) If GitHub will not be messed up, then this is a viable solution because I can sync Sharepoint with my OneDrive.
  4. Currently R packages are getting downloaded to a folder in my OneDrive, is that going to be a problem?

Any/all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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