Workaround for broken reprex plots

You may have noticed that reprex() posts include broken link icons where plots, such as ggplot() output is expected. I have taken up editing my posts to remove those links and substitute local output by using the Plot pane output, choosing Export | Copy to Clipboard, adjusting the aspect/size in the popup preview and then copying to clipboard and pasting into the post.

I have a Discourse site, and my reprex images are posting fine there, so I wonder whether the admins here just need to change a Discourse setting.

Here's an image (from here) that works on mine:

tibble(x = 1:5, y = c('5', '4', '3', '2', '1'))  |> 
  ggplot(aes(x, y)) + 
  geom_point() + 
    breaks = c(1, 3, 7), # an example of manipulating the breaks how you choose
    expand = expansion(mult = c(0.5, 0.5))

Created on 2023-10-26 with reprex v2.0.2

I noted the problem several weeks back. Then, it was thought to be a latency in the handoff from Imgur. I didn’t follow up once I found the workaround but have taken up letting peep know selectively and posted a brief self-answered.

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I think the problem in more general. @ technocrat notified me a day or so ago about a broken link and I am about as plain vanilla setup as it gets.

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