woRdleBotChallenge package

There's a question eventually, but the main point is to announce a package. Enjoy Wordle and R? Have you thought about creating a bot in R to solve the puzzles? Want to compare your bots or compete with others? This package is for you. You supply your bot (an R function) and this evaluator will see how well it performs using its15,000+ five letter word universe. Check out the vignette.

I use the Git version control to push the code to Github. According to this package primer, a user should be able to install this package using install_github("rexmacey/woRdleBotChallenge"). It seems odd to me that the package file woRdleBotChallenge_0.0.0.9999.tar.gz is not on Github. Perhaps this is the way it should be as I don't see one on kbroman/broman: R/broman: A package with Karl Broman's personal R code (github.com). Should the tar.gz file be on GitHub. Should I push it there? Thanks.

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