Word Cloud generator with multi-word detection - Shiny Contest Submission

Word Cloud generator with multi-word detection

Authors: Retselisitsoe

Abstract: The app allows the user to paste or upload text and generate a word cloud to quickly get insights into their text data. The app automatically detects multi-word keywords and also allows the user to get context for a particular keyword.

Full Description: The objective of the app is to generate a word cloud that takes into account multi-word keywords. Most word cloud generating apps only do single-word keywords and sometimes this can be limiting. Furthermore, once the user has identified the most frequent keywords in the source text, the app allows the user to quickly get context by providing a window of the words that come before and after the specified keyword.

Lastly, the app leverages quanteda for multi-word keyword detection and for providing context around a keyword of interest.

Keywords: wordcloud2, quanteda, reactable
Shiny app: https://monyake.shinyapps.io/wordcloud
Repo: GitHub - MonyakeR/wordcloud: A word cloud generating app for text visualisation. Supports multi-word keywords.
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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