Within-design choice experiment in R

Hi there,

I have a question regarding my data analysis and would really appreciate it if you could help me. It is a general statistics / R question.

I will ask participants to make 15 different choices between 4 investment options (1 conventional and three different sustainable options). The options only vary in fees (1.5%, 1.3%, 1.8% see table). I will also measure various variables like environmental attitudes or beliefs about performances.

I never worked with an within design before and have no idea how to analyze it. Basically, I want to investigate deviations from the baseline (all fees are 1.5%) to see where people switch options and if there are people willing to pay a higher price (and maybe who those people are, e.g. higher environmental attitudes) and if not what they switch to and what they do if all sustainable options are expensive.

I thought about first grouping the participants based on their baseline choice and then further investigate all the questions above - but I am really lost here. Do I build a regression for every group with a variable for each choice after the baseline?

This might even be a too large topic for the forum but maybe some of you have an idea that helps me!

Thanks in advance.

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