Within cluster sum of square in fuzzy c-means

Is it possible to print the within-cluster sum of squares for all clusters in fuzzy c-means? Is fuzzy c-means clustering library even applicable in R?


you might want to have a look at this one RPubs - Fuzzy C-Means Clustering in R

If you search for "sum of", you will find a line that contains within cluster sum of squares as part of the summary command.

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Hi FactOREO,
Oh nice, this helps, and I can implement this is RStudio right?

One more thing can I also print within-cluster sum of squares for clusters in Self Organizing maps?

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Yes, this is done in R which is run behind the RStudio IDE.

Unfortunately I don't know mich about self organizing maps. But if you can cluster them with fuzzy c-means, there is probably a package which does this (at least if this is not a "developed 2 month ago" thing)

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