wired Browse prompt on shiny stop in Rstudio

Wired Browse prompt occurs when I stop shiny in a wrapped function. Only happens when I wrap the runApp in another function. The app worked fine, but two Browse prompt occurred if I stop the app. If I run outside the wrapper function, no problem. If I change Rstudio debugging from "Break on Code" to "Message Only", no problem happened.

R: 4.0.0
Rstudio: 1.2.5042
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

> test()

Listening on

Called from: top level 

Called from: execCallbacks(timeoutSecs, all, loop$id)

I thought that was my code issue so I opened a fresh R session only loading shiny, but it is not my code. Same problem with the simplest code:

test = function() {

code in ui.R: ui <- fluidPage(), server.R: server <- function(input, output, session) {}, nothing more.

I think the same issue as here

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