windRose font customization

So, I am trying to make the font size larger for all text (but I need the title to be larger), switch the directional axis titles to numeric (0,90,180,270), and get the font style to be in Times.

Below is what I have so far, until I try to change these things. Dick Savage 2

Any suggestions, I've been doing this for hours and could really use some help.

Hers the reprex for when I try to add these elements

That is not a reprex, it's a screenshot, post the output of the reprex function here directly. BTW the function for loading libraries is library() not Library(), R is case sensitive.

Working on it now, sorry about that, I am brand new to R.

library (openair)
library (tidyverse)

wind_rose <- data.frame("wind_speed(m/s)" = c(4.3, 6.7, 8.9, 6.6, 6.9, 7.1), 
                         "wind_direction(°)" = c(180, 277, 300, 266, 176, 45 ))

windRose(LGRF1.Wind.Data.Since.March.2006, ws="wind_speed(m/s)", wd="wind_direction(°)",
         auto.text = FALSE, 
         paddle = FALSE, 
         annotate = FALSE, 
         grid.line = 2,
         key = list(labels = c( "> 0 - 2 ",
                                " > 2 - 5 ")),
         theme(text = element_text(family = "Times")),
         key.footer = "Avg. Wind Speed Lake George Station (Ocala, Fl) 2006-2019 WSP (m/s)", 
         key.position = "bottom",
         par.settings = list(axis.line = list(col = "lightgray")),
         par.settings = list(fontsize=list(text=20)),
         col = c("#A9A9A9","#696969")) 
#> Error in checkNum(mydata, vars = c(ws, wd)): object 'LGRF1.Wind.Data.Since.March.2006' not found

You made a dataframe wind_rose that you then never use for any purpose in the following code

You pass an unknown object , the one whose name appears in the error message, into the function that you try to use. Did you mean to use your own wind_rose object and not that ?


Yes, I did mean to substitute, "wind_rose" instead just for this example. Simply forgot.


As a result of changing that, your program now works?

Of course, but I am struggling with changing the font style and size in the windRose function.

Any suggestions?

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