Windows to linux

If I convert my operating system from windows to Linux will my rprojects remain the same? Or I have to run the scripts again?

Your R projects will not be affected as longs as you are not using any Windows specific R package, absolute paths to files, or project-level package libraries (like with renv).

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Thanks for the reply and can you explain what are absolute paths to files are?

An absolute path is a file's specific location within a file system which will not be valid if you move your project to a different one, that is why the use of relative paths (relative to the project directory) is recommended.

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Thanks! so when i created my project in documents folder, did I create an absolute path? Also I use setwd() to have a specific path where my files are. am I creating relative path using setwd() function?

If you create an RStudio project there is no need to use setwd() (it is even considered a bad practice) but if you are using it, chances are you are referencing absolute paths, although, I can't be sure without actually seen the code.

I see, can you give examples of absolute and relative paths in R studio projects?

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