windows 11 slows the Rstudio down

Hi, everyone!
I recently upgraded to the Windows 11. RStudio works super slow. Can anyone helps me to solve that issue?

This is version info:
RStudio 2021.09.0+351 "Ghost Orchid" Release (077589bcad3467ae79f318afe8641a1899a51606, 2021-09-20) for Windows
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) QtWebEngine/5.12.8 Chrome/69.0.3497.128 Safari/537.36

For info, I switched to Windows 11 and don't seem to encounter the same problem (tested on Dell Inspiron with R 4.1.0 and R 4.1.2, and RStudio 1.4.1717 "Juliet Rose" (df86b69e, 2021-05-24), and RStudio 2021.09.1 Build 372 "Ghost Orchid" (8b9ced18, 2021-11-08)).

So not sure how to address the problem, but it seems to be system-specific and not a general incompatibility of Win 11 and RStudio.

So nchan08 you can try updating to the very latest build of RStudio just in case, also install any Windows update that could be available. Is it still slow if you start Rgui (without RStudio)? Do you still have enough free memory (RAM)? Also ensure your .libpath() does not point to a network location (e.g. OneDrive), as that could create such problems.

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