Windows 10 - Rstudio cannot Read/Write scripts

I installed RStudio (via Anaconda). I have Version 1.1.456
It all works as I would expect except for "Open File" and "Save". If I try to open a valid file, I just get a blank buffer in my editor. When I try to "Save" a file, it creates a file, but with 0 file-size. And I can confirm it is empty.

I've looked for solutions on this Forum and elsewhere. Others complain that attempting to open a valid file can actually nuke the contents of that file.

For now, I'm copying/pasting the buffer into a separate text-editor to save my work.

Is there a better fix?


First,I would recommend that you install Rstudio without anaconda. Rstudio is at v1.4.xx, your version is behind.

See is the issue persists. My experience with anaconda is that they are always behind on rstudio and R packages.

Also, you might want to consider that RStudio is not officially supported through Anaconda, so if you are going to be using R regularly, you would be better off by using a stand alone installation instead of using Anaconda

Hello fredoxvii & andresrcs,

Thank you for your suggestions! I in fact followed your advice and installed the CRAN RStudio distribution for Windows. And, as you guessed, I am no longer seeing the aforementioned problems.

I appreciate your advice!


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