Windows 10 longpathaware

I'm not sure if this is an R issue or with RStudio or the specific package that I'm using, but I have code that results in errors because file paths are too long.

e.g. When I run excel_sheets(path) where path is a filename beyond ~240 characters, I get a "path does not exist" error. However, the same file with a shorter path works fine.

In Windows, you can change a registry item to allow longer paths (which I've done) but it also requires that the program in question is "path aware", meaning there's a setting for "longpathaware" in the program's manifest. I assume this is why this is occurring here, and therefore, that this would be a limitation of RStudio.

It would be great if this could be fixed for the next version. I'm running 1.3.1073 (the latest as of the time of this post).

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