Windows 10 64 bit minimal requirements for Rstudio Desktop(free)

I was advised by Rstudio support to direct my question here...
For the free Rstudio Desktop (Open) source for Windows 10 64bit, are there software prerequisites, such as .net, java, etc?

Thank you

Hi, and welcome!

Please see the FAQ: What's a reproducible example (`reprex`) and how do I create one? Using a reprex, complete with representative data will attract quicker and more answers. *This question of course isn't coding related so it doesn't require one.

Whenever I venture into Windowlands I risk getting caught out, but maybe living in a town that borders Redmond, WA, I'll be ok this time.

RStudio is an interface to R and, accordingly, depends on it to work at all.

There are some packages with dependencies on OS system packages. The most obvious is the rJava package. I don't know of any related to .net, but then as a *nix guy I wouldn't be looking. :grin:

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