Will Rstudio ever become a snap/flatpak/AppImage


I was wondering if RStudio will ever be distributed as a snap/flatpak/AppImage? I know there was a discussion about this some time ago, but I havent' heard any news about this recently.

I want to also say that I have been a happy RStudio user for many years. Thank you for a great product. I also think it's great that RStudio/Posit is bringing better support for Python as well - so users can get the best of both worlds using Rstudio. Maybe add support for Julia, too? :slight_smile:



In the meantime, there's {juliacall}

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Cool! How have I missed this?! Thanks!

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Hi, I’d like to second this, I’m currently using a GNU/Linux distribution whose Rstudio package has broken paths to the compiler headers, so I’d need to either guess how to fix it myself (either by updating my $PATH, or by modifying the Rinternals.h header by hand), to use shared computers at my university, or to run a different operating system (e.g. Tails or Windows). If my teachers can’t use Rstudio on any GNU/Linux distribution, they’ll associate the whole GNU project with unreliability.

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