Will fileInput ever be able to retrieve full file path from a 'drag and drop'?

The new 'drag and drop' feature has been a pleasing sight - was just wondering if we could retrieve the full file path - instead of uploading the file, this for shinyApps deployed on local machines. Atm it's possible through shinyFiles but it doesn't support drag and drop; the user has to manually find the file using the file selector GUI that comes with shinyFiles. What do you guys think?

Sorry, this is not possible because web browsers don't provide local path information to the server when uploading files, for security reasons.

The shinyFiles package lets you browse files on the server via a web interface, which is completely different. When you run an app locally with shinyFiles, the client browser and the server are the same machine, but the mechanism is still completely separate: for drag and drop (and file inputs in general), it is the web browser that is interacts with the filesystem, but for shinyFiles, it is the server is does it.

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@winston Thank you for confirming! I guess time spent navigating through shinyFiles is a worthy trade off for large files :slight_smile:

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