Wifi VS Network Vs Router Vs Modem

Hey everyone, so this question isn't about R, but just a check for confirmation about about some basic technology in general.

So I know that there are two types of main networks: wired and wireless. With wireless networks in general, I know they're created because of routers which emit wifi, which uses radio waves to help establish the wireless network. Although we may have a network and wifi, it doesn't mean we have access to the internet. I know that we must have an internet provider that is providing us with internet connection by sending it to the modem, and the modem sends it to the router, and the router distributes the internet connection to all the devices on the wireless network that is created with help from the wifi that is emitted from the router.

Can someone confirm whether my information is right? I learned a lot of this from the internet, online tutor help, etc., however, I just want to make sure I am not all over the place with my information. I'm a beginner by the way so please try to clarify the information in simple terms if possible, thank you.

Seems like you’re on point, but would just add switches as a piece of hardware to be aware of. Also, here’s a good picture to keep in mind:


This video series is a brief introduction to the topic.

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