Why isn't R core codes on github???

I want able to find r on github and it turns out core team develops r that is not on github.

Does anybody have any idea why it is so.

I mean we are a huge community and we could actually help small changes in the core r to make it faster and better.

Just in case you don't know it, there is a copy of the source code of R in github

It is very useful to search for anything R core related. However you can't PR to this.


I guess github is more a CS thing, while R started as a statistics language. Similarly, most Latex packages are not hosted in github.

I totally agree with your point but going open is better in all point of views.

You could actually get helping hand of a thousand users than just around 20 core members.

Thanks for pointing this out to me but again its a read only code. But then again I wanted to know why is it maintained only by a few people and why it's not on github for people to see and contribute. I guess I was looking for a theoretical answer.

But thanks anyways.

pqR is an alternative implementation of R and is hosted on Github. It does go open, but does not get much help...

Base R does accept submissions (hence the periodic updates which are not all from the core team), but it is far more conservative than the typical github-type collaboration.

github also happens to be a commercial company, now owned by Microsoft. I'm actually surprised at the extent to which it is used so extensively and unquestioningly.


For an open source product github being owned by something shouldn't matter. But its nice to know that people do post submissions to the original code.

Thanks for such valuable information.

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