Why is this function not working .. please help me


The function is

check.residuals(aov(absorbed~primer, data=primingmethod))

When I tried it the first time, it actually works and is saved in my environment under functions.

However when I cleared my environment to start new exercise.. the function no longer seem to work.

Can someone help me out please. I attached picture.

Screenshots are a bad way to communicate R issues almost always, and should be reserved to point out purely graphical issues.

I would assume that you have forgotten to load the library which provides the check.residuals function


Thank you for your reply.

I did try to load the function in the library but didn't work out, I still got the error.

Error in check.residuals(aov(absorbed ~ fat, data = donuts)) :
could not find function "check.residuals"

I'm sure it will help you now and in the future (should you seek further help on the forums) to take my advice on being explicit as much as possible.

How did you try ?
write the code you tried with
you can format your code within your forum posts to be printed nicely by using tripple backticks ```

my nice code

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