Why is my code not grey?

I'm a little confused, why would you expect your code to be grey?

One idea is that perhaps you're expecting different code styling? For check, check out the Theme guide for th RStudio IDE

Another possibility, are you asking about code commenting? R Comments

When I say my code is in grey, this is what I mean.

When I start with the 3 tilde marks for the first line of code, I can do 2 and when I hit the 3rd one, it goes right from 2 to 4.
If I do the code in the middle of the 3rd and 4th tilde, I get the same problem in the last line of code-again, the 3 tilde marks-where it only jumps right from 2 to 4 tilde marks.

In the first screenshot you have created a .R document (for script), in the second an Rmarkdown document.
If you are writing code in an R script you don’t need the β€˜β€™β€™ at the beginning and the background is white

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