Why is it error at setlocale?

Hello, I coding in http://Rstudio.cloud

I want to install.packages("KoNLP").
But Installation is error.

So, I want to setting locale.
But It's impossible.

Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE", "en_US.UTF-8")
[1] ""
Warning message:
In Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE", "en_US.UTF-8") :
OS reports request to set locale to "en_US.UTF-8" cannot be honored
Sys.setlocale("LC_ALL", "ko_KR.euckr")
[1] ""
Warning message:
In Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE", "en_US.UTF-8") :
OS reports request to set locale to "en_US.UTF-8" cannot be honored

Why ?

Pliz answer the Question. Thanks you alot.

As far I understand, both messages are only warnings and should not be the source of your installation error. Could you share the complete log? Moreover, I have in my laptop an unusual locale and I'm seeing those warnings all the time.

Thank you for Ur response.
I don't install sw in laptop.
I would coding in cloud service for R.
But, It's not setting localeCharset at rstudio.cloud.
I want to install package 'KoNLP'. It's error.
How can I install package that in Rstudio.Cloud ?

It would seem that the only current locale is C.UTF-8, which doesn't return a charset, which is preventing KoNLP from installing.

Since there are not other locales present, setlocale is also not working.

We will investigate options for addressing this.


I have generated all the UTF-8 locales in our staging environment, but that has not allowed for KoNLP to be installed, even after successfully calling Sys.setlocale("LC_CTYPE", "en_US.UTF-8") and confirming that localeToCharset returns that value. Copying the code from KoNLP:

  if(all((localeToCharset()[1] == c("UTF-8", "CP949", "EUC-KR")) == FALSE)){
    packageStartupMessage("This R shell doesn't contain any Hangul encoding.\nFor fully use, any of 'UTF-8', 'CP949', 'EUC-KR' needs to be used for R shell encoding.")

And running in the console succeed. So, I am not sure what to say at this point.

The locales will become available early next week though.

The locales are now available.


Still getting the same error message. And cannot use any Turkish characters.

If you are having an issue with Turkish characters, please start a new topic with a reproducible example.

For KoNLP, the package author would need to comment as to why this error is occurring.