Why is ggplot2 not producing plots?

Hi! I'm trying to produce a simple plot with a facet wrap. I'm not sure why, but I can't produce any plots using this data frame.

RestorationByCommodityBP30BI150 <- read_csv("RestorationByCommodityBP30BI150.csv")
RestorationByCommodityBP30BI150 <- as.data.frame(RestorationByCommodityBP30BI150)
plot1 <- ggplot(data = RestorationByCommodityBP30BI150, aes(x = t, y = NetworkPerformanceProportion)) + 
  geom_line() + facet_wrap(~g)

This is a snapshot of what the data frame looks like. I'm importing it using the "import from text" button on the right-hand-side.

plot1 just produces a information tab with layers, scales, etc


You need to print() plot1 instead of using View()

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