Why I don't have to @import rlang operators

In order to avoid having my packages import rlang into the namespace I try to qualify function calls with rlang::. This is fine for rlang::enquo() but gets ugly quickly for rlang::UQ().

I was playing around with this today and it seems there's no need to qualify calls to quasiquotation functions because they only ever get evaluated by an rlang function.

At least, I think that's why this works on a fresh R session:

> rlang::exprs(!!rlang::expr(foo))

I think the same logic applies to these operators: !!qoo, !!!qoos, .data$foo, a := b.

Am I safe to use these operators, unqualified, within my packages?

Incidentially, this would be one argument not to support rlang::.data$foo (see dplyr issue 2930).