Why has Worbench an version which differs from the version in Packagemanager

Hi Community!

I have a strange behaviour. In Posit Workbench 2023.09 when I install the package rlang and use the packageDescription I get an rlang-Version 1.1.3, but if I´m searching my packages on the Packagemanager-UI for rlang. I get the Version 1.1.2.

Is there a reason why that is so? Are there preinstalled packages in Workbench and can I see them? Or better list them?

Thank you

Hi @Ashketchup92 ! Thanks for reaching out!
Are you using an internal Package Manager instance, and is that configured as your CRAN mirror in Posit Workbench? It's possible that Workbench is configured to use a public CRAN mirror instead of Package Manager for installing packages. The latest version was 1.1.3 (though it looks like 1.1.4 was just released a couple of days ago).

Also, note that in the Package Manager UI, if you scroll down to the list at the bottom on the rlang page, the "Archived Versions" list will only show the older (archived) versions. The most current version (the one that will be installed as latest) is listed near the top of the page, right under the "Install Code" section:


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Hi JoeR!

We are using an offline CRAN-Mirror and in Workbench we are using this one as I can see in the config-File. Just wondering why Workbench downloads the newer version even if it is not the in the Packagemanager.

We are also have more packages from diffrent sources. Like using R4.2.3 and R4.1.2 and one with binaries and the other one without binaries.

It is just confusing and maybe a bug?

The offline CRAN mirror definitely would explain why you see the older version in the Package Manager UI. It does seem like Workbench is pulling packages from CRAN mirrors other than just Package Manager. Feel free to reach out to our Support team and we'd be happy to help you diagnose your Workbench configuration further and figure out what's going on.