Why doesn't R recognize my data set?

I've imported my dataset into RStudio and it looks fine. It is named "overconf". I'm trying to run the below call now. But it tells me "Object overconf.d not found." Why doesn't it recognize my data set? Thank you!
new.d <- srm.create.dummies(group.id = "group", act.id = "rater", part.id = "ratee", d = overconf.d)

Names are hard, especially when using a GUI, oddly.

Use the environment tab in RStudio to see what is actually loaded in namespace; alternatively, use from the Console



It's a bit hard to tell without more context so I apologize if this question is silly, but by calling overconf.d are you trying to access a column d in the overconf? If so, you'd do that using the $ operator, overconf$d.

If not, then for us to get more context and hopefully help, it really helps to include a minimal "reproducible example", or a "reprex".


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