why does RStudio take so long to load certain distill projects?

I have a (new) RStudio project on a distill site I'm working on that takes a LONG time to come up. Other projects take around 4 seconds for RStudio to come up on my machine. I just opened the project two times and got these long waits between clicking on the project.Rproj icon and seeing an R prompt: 2:25 and 1:48. Thinking this might have to do with the link to github, I opened a project that is linked to git and it loaded in 6 seconds.

I frequently get this message when loading my distill project:

Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 2.21.06 PM

Can anybody suggest investigation strategies or (better) strategies for making the project load time more normal? My current coping strategy is to open the project early and then leave it open.


What's in your .Rprofile for that project folder, if anything? Do you have .Rdata files in the folder? Both of those are read by R at startup and can contribute to long startups.

Thanks for the hint, Jonathan.

My "problem project" doesn't have either of those files. Is there a way to create them if that could make a difference?

Unless there are further suggestions, I'm going to create a new project (not connected to git or netlify) and copy all the code into it. Then I'll rebuild the site. Then I'll pluck .Rprofile and .Rdata files from the new project into the old one to see how that affects load time.

Any risks to that that I don't see? (Including the risk that it make no difference at all and that I've wasted my time... : - )

No difference in load time as a result of that exercise apart from the appearance of two new directories:

  • E99F375C
  • shared

Those directories have mysterious-looking files and sub-directories that appear to have had something to do with knitted files in that temporary project I used to generate the .Rprofile and .Rdata files.

An issue that may be related to how I seem to have messed up the RStudio project structure is that duplicate directories and files show up like these:

I'm still considering un-hooking the project from Github and Netlify and starting all over, but I want to be sure about not destroying useful stuff on the way.

The slow start / restart problem has gone away. I have no idea why. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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