Why do package updates need compiling?

It seems that for every package in the tidyverse all updates need compilation

As a complete ignoramus on binaries and compilation, I'm just wondering why. Most other packages do not need this process

Also, it would be very helpful to have the NEWS section completed to view changes


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I'm guessing you're referring to the News section of tidyr.tidyverse.org (which, as you note, seems to be outdated— change log only goes to 0.6.2), but, if you're curious in the meantime, the changes are in the tidyr NEWS.md on GitHub:

I should have been clearer. I was actually referring to the far right column NEWS in the popup in RStudio when you want to update packages. Some packages provide link to info (which presumably is the same as Package NEWS in the documentation e.g datapack and the NEWS.md on github )

Not sure why not all package developers make it easy to access- but then I've never had to do one:grin:

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I had never even looked at that before :scream:!