Why do my images are not shown entirely?

I'm starting to use Bookdown and I don't know why my images won't be shown entirely ...
Can someone help me ? Thanks

It's really hard to say without code why your images aren't showing up properly – from the looks of the screenshot it seems like there's a scrollbar next to the images, which I've never seen before. But, again, without knowing what code is getting you there, it's impossible to say what's going wrong.

Do you have a link to your bookdown on GitHub? If not, could you make a minimal reproducible example?

Hi, thanks for answering !
Yes, sorry I forgot to put some of the code of the Rmd file :

Current distribution {-}

`r include_graphics(paste(path,"figures/presence_alt.pdf",sep="/"))`
`r include_graphics(paste(path,"figures/ca_current.pdf",sep="/"))`

And my styles are defined in style.css as :
float: left;
width: 50%;
text-align: left;

I'd like to upload the images but I apparently can't

I'm guessing the problems are related to the CSS. I'm quite rusty in the CSS department, but I'd recommend using developer tools in your browser (the screenshot below is in Firefox, but it should work in whatever browser you're using by right-clicking and selecting "Inspect Element") to take a look at what's happening…