Why do my ggplot's borders disappear when I use ggplotly?

I have an application that uses ggplotly to turn several plots (originally made with ggplot) into their interactive versions. However, I just can't get geom_tile borders to render with ggplotly. It's throwing everything off.

I know that sometimes slight modifications have to be made in the aesthetics when translating ggplot to ggplotly , but I can't seem to get this one working. Any ideas?

#Make a matrix
mymat <- matrix(1:21, nrow = 7, ncol = 7)

#'melt' the matrix using the reshape2 package
mymat_melted <- melt(mymat)

#create a tile plot   
p <- ggplot(mymat_melted, aes(x=Var1, y=Var2, fill=value)) +

#the borders are correct

#convert with ggplotly
#notice the borders disappear

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