Why can't I find my R -> Excel file

I have created a table via R and want to export it to an Excel file. I've downloaded writexl and have used the write_xlsx command, and no errors pop up. But when I go to my working directory I can't find any excel files there. I have tried changing my working directory but no dice. I am using ...

[1] "/Users/hank00000/Desktop/R/"
write_xlsx(x = Guilds, path = "GuildTables.xlsx", col_names = TRUE)

My table is named Guilds. I have tried numerous variations (even as simple as just write_xlsx(Guilds) but can't get an output! Thank you for any help.

Hi @hank00000,
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Does the output file you expect to see show up if you run dir()?

The write_xlsx() function can only export dataframes (not tables). If you do have a table, you will need to convert it to a dataframe first (see ?as.data.frame). However, you said that you don't see an error (which you should see if you try and write a table) so maybe you can post part of the Guilds object and the code used to produce it so that folk here can provide further diagnosis?


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