Why can't I convert this string into date?

I have this date in string format

v<- "31/06/23"

It's 31 of June of 2023


[1] "character"

The dmy() lubridate function doesn't work

[1] NA 
Warning message:
 1 failed to parse. 

Also other codes

as.Date(v, format = "%d/%m/%Y")
[1] NA

If I try as.Date() function it returns 31 as year


[1] "0031-06-23"

How can I do?

Wrong: Ah, Y2K. Date conversion handles the two-digit year. @Rolando has it right, too many days for June. I leave the post standing just in case anyone needs the regex.

v <- "31/06/23"
repaired <- gsub("(\\d{2}/\\d{2}/)(\\d{2})", "\\120\\2", v)
#> [1] "31/06/2023"

Created on 2023-08-31 with reprex v2.0.2

Might it be because 31/06/23 is not a valid date?
Does 30/06/23 work?

Yeah, this is it! It works. Thanks.

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