why am I using a simple code that doesn´t work?

I am using a simple code to map a graph from mpg database:

geom_point (mapping=aes(x=displ, y= hwy)
when I type this, there is no error but but graph is plot in blank
Can anyone help me?

You need to add a "+" between ggplot() and geom_point() (or any other ggplot element) . The code below works:


ggplot(data=mpg) + 
  geom_point (mapping=aes(x=displ, y= hwy))
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Thanks a lot! Now it is working. Im starting with R so I really appreciate any help!

David Kane

Preceptor’s Primer for Bayesian Data Science: Using the Cardinal Virtues for Inference

Adam Fleischhacker
github_url <- "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PPBDS/primer.tutorials/master/inst/tutorials/033-data-files/data/"

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