White windows onyl on external monitor

Hi everyone,

I'm experiencing a very disturbing issue that prevents me to use RStudio on external monitors, regardless of their resolution or connection.
RStudio on my laptop monitor works just fine, however, as soon as I drag the window to my external monitor, it all gest white and non-usable.
I looked online and several other people have or are experiencing the same issue.
Tried the following:
-Updated RStudio to the latest version;
-Changed the rendering engine to Software instead of Auto-detect or Desktop OpenGL.
Nothing worked.
Thanks for your help

Actually, I just found a solution.
I found that it is key to have both the laptop AND the external screens at the same zoom percentage.
Mind you, I mean text, app and other elements dimension and not screen resolution.
On Windows, the settings is accessible at Seetings > Display/Screen >.
Hope this helps, it was very frustrating.


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