While loop question

Hi all. I am trying to write an iteration loop using while loop but it returns nothing. I'm interested in returning b where depends on its previous value and the values of u and v which are also generated by this loop. I have the 1st value of u = mean

m <- 1
b <- mean(x)
#U <- 0
#V <- 1

  print (b)
  u = -(56/b) + (sum(x^2)/b^2)
  v = 56/b^2 - (2*sum(x^2)/b^3)
  b = b - (u/V)

There are some issues with your loop.
m, the condition of your loop is not modified within your loop, so the loop will never complete.
You also have a division by capital V though this is undefined and your lowecase v is unused

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Yes you're correct about this. I have updated and now its giving wrong values not sure why.

Thank you. This was very helpful

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