which version of RStudio on High Sierra

one of my students this morning cant launch RStudio because "this version of RStudio can't work on this version of MACOS" of something like that
he runs High Sierra 10.13.4
of course he could this week take time to upgrade MacOS
but for this morning would you know which older version of RStudio he could download to run it on his mac ?
he's tried the last official version and a former one he found somewhere

It's possible that RStudio has a minimum requirement for the version of macOS that is needed to run the software. It's likely that the student would need to upgrade their macOS to at least a version that is supported by the current version of RStudio. However, if they are unable to upgrade their macOS, they may be able to find an older version of RStudio that is compatible with their version of macOS.

You can find the older versions of RStudio in the RStudio website under "Previous Releases" section. The oldest version that is compatible with macOs High Sierra is RStudio 1.1.463. It is recommended that the student should use the latest version of RStudio that is compatible with their version of macOS for best performance and security.

ok thanks very much for your answer

When I have confronted this problem, in a pinch, I typically encourage them to use RStudio Cloud. That said, I have a student with an older Mac this term, I think before 10.13 and they are deploying 1.1.463

thanks to your both replies, my student has indicated me that the problem is now resolved
so thank to you

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