Which polling company did better?

Hi everybody - im a newbie and im trying to get to work with Rstudio

I have issues creating codes for the question - I have two polling companies and I have tried to do the following:


Trying to find the difference in number of polls asas well as the difference in sample size and mean.

Do you think I am going in the right direction?? and should I create a vector as well or ggplot with a geom_bar??

I hope you can help me

@Mariannesnut, hard to know how to answer your question. You need to provide some more information for the people trying to help. For instance, what is poll? I'm guessing it is a matrix or a data frame that you got from someone else; and you have two of them from two different polling companies. Are you trying to quickly compare, or do you want to do a detailed analysis?

Also, consider making a reprex of what you've done so far. That way you'll get lots of people offering to help.

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