Which frame is live?

Finding myself all too frequently recovering from a train of thought and typing code on the source when I am thinking about the console and vice versa. Sometimes its typing, or trying, into other parts of the layout. After this mistake, and any erasures, I then click where and ought to have been and am get up to speed.

Perhaps if the nice little border around each part of the visible layout could optional, or if defaulted optionally not, have a shading with just a sufficient lack of subtilty that it could be noticed, or sensed without thought, and the cursor retargeted easier than the mess and delay usually made.

Are you suggesting a feature request? You're suggesting the option to highlight which panel your cursor is in?

Yes. I have noticed the cursor is darker, but I would suggest that the thin borders around the window also darken with the box edges indicated in blue. The darkened color could be same as the darkening indicating the scroll area in the code (line 239 on the vertical scroll bar and to the left on the bottom one in the illustration) or it might be half way between that and tthe background.

see next post on this topic (still on learner's permit).

Since I've fully embraced the dark Modern RStudio theme - which I have a particularly hard time seeing in dark mode - a feature like this would be desirable to me also.

I'd suggest writing a feature request to the RStudio IDE team. They wrote the following article on the topic, "Writing Good Feature Requests".