Which DB (RDBMS or Graph) should be used to get Hierarchial values based comparison charts in R

Hi All,
I have a problem. For eg : I have values a1=1,a=2 ,a3=4...…..a20=40 . A value is summation of small a's i.e A= a1+a2+....+a20. Similarly B= b1+b2+...+b20 ..Same for C to Z. My Total Value V = A+B+..+Z

I need to prepare Comparison charts for a,b, c..z individually as well as for A,B,...Z.

it is a hierarchical summation of one feed into another which again sums to form total value. I have prepared dataset in excel . I need charts to do in R. For that should I use RDBMS DB or Graph DB . Dataset is huge .I also need the dataset for other analysis . Please kind your advice.


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