Where is the merch Posit?

Asking for myself.

Any plan on official Posit merch? I'm still repping my RStudio mug and I want to get in with the cool new blue and orange kid on the block.

I got the new T and sticker, but in my heart of hearts, I know the mug is where it's at, coffee wise at least.

@EconomiCurtis ?


Would also be interested! I was just thinking about it this morning, as I poured coffee into my RStudio mug. :slight_smile:

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The best spot open to the public is at swag.rstudio.com (That may become swag.posit.co in the not to distant future).


We have experimented with larger stores in the past (anyone remember redbubble?), but haven't had a lot of success running a storefront. We work with vendors to send swag packs to meetup groups, conferences, employees, customers and community folks.

We are still setting up with a new fulfillment vendor, something we are very excited about. We have new stickers that come out in the form of sheets (eg receive a full set, a sheet with popular hexes, tidyverse, tidymodels, python stuff, cute/animals - you wouldn't believe the care being put into the selection of these) Posit mugs, Posit tees all in the works.

  • Stickers: the swag store links above.
  • If you use one of Posit's professional products (ie Posit Team, Connect, Workbench etc. reach out to your account rep.
  • We attend many industry conferences (PHUSE, R-Gov, PyData) and bring a lot of swag to these. At posit::conf we usually have > 10,000 stickers to dish out.
  • If you run a meet-up group, holding a related conference, or any other event in which Posit swag would be valued, please reach out (Community@posit.co). We'd love to support y'all, at least with some swag.
  • It's unlikely we'll have a posted-price externally facing storefront, sorry. At least at the moment, maintenance of this is more than we'd like to handle.