Where do .Rd files have to be located?

I am writing documentation for a small R project. The project is in Shiny ; I'd rather not put it inside a package, and not use roxygen2.

All I want is to generate an Rd file manually, and then be able to view the information on a function via Rstudio's autocomplete functionality.

My question is where does the .Rd file have to be located so that its contents are automatically recognized?

Hi @UserSam,

If you have functions with documentation, you are already so close to a package that it seems to make sense to just add a bare bones DESCRIPTION and NAMESPACE file and you'll get everything you want from RStudio. Why are you against making it a lightweight package?

A package for personal use doesn't need to be anything more than an R script or two, some documentation (by roxygen or otherwise), and the two files mentioned above.

Help documentation is recognized automatically for any installed R package. I don't think you can get the benefits of help documentation and more descriptive autocompletion in RStudio without making it a simple package.

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