Where do I tell the RStudio Cloud Admins about a confusing typo in a Basic Primer?

I'm new to R and new to RStudio Cloud. I just ran through the two basic primers (visualization, programming). In the programming basics primer there's a typo I wish you would fix.

Here is the location of the confusing typo:


"Programming basics"
Topic: "Arguments"

Under "args()" where you are talking about the rnorm() function you write:

"Use rnrom() to generate 100 random normal values with a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15."

It's an obvious typo on second look, but on first look I thought "rnrom" was a new function I was supposed to try.

Since this module is obviously for rote beginners you might want to proofread for typos in the code language you're presenting.

There are other typos I've seen in these basic primers, but until this point they were obviously typos because they were in the text, not examples of R code.

Here's the best place to report errors in the primers (alpha mode): Issues · rstudio-education/primers · GitHub

Pull requests welcomed :slight_smile:

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