where can I find good color themes for RStudio?

Yes, I am kind of lazy...

Are there any good repos of nicely crafted color themes for my new Rstudio 1.2 setup?



RStudio 1.2 supports .tmtheme files. There's a huge repository of them here:


(click on the Gallery button on the upper left to see all the themes)


haha pretty good my man

I dont know if this is a bug or not, but I am unable to delete a theme I just installed (using the appearance pane, I click delete but the theme is still there after I confirm I want to delete it). Where are the themes files stored?

hello yes I did that. switched to another theme before hitting delete.
but my theme is still on the list

You're right. It stays on the list.

I had the theme in this location: C:\Users\Anirban\.R\rstudio\themes. Deleting this works for me on Windows 10.

From the above link:

rstheme files can be found in the .R directory under your home directory. On Windows, the path is C:\Users\<your user account>\Documents\.R\rstudio\themes . On all other operating systems, the path is ~/.R/rstudio/themes .


@Yarnabrina @jonathan I actually created a nice theme using your link. But now Rstudio complains about it:

Warning message:
In readLines(themeFile, encoding = "UTF-8") :
incomplete final line found on '/mydata/custom.tmTheme'

What should I do?

Add a blank line to the end of your theme.

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maravelous! :slight_smile: thanks!

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@mara bonus question (if you have 2 min)

do you know what is the correct setting to change the box color here? I like my selection highlighting color being yellow but the second mara highlight (which is automatic because it matches the first one) is very very light...


I do not… My method: use right-click "inspect element." It opens up the devtools pane just like in Chrome, and you can see what rules are applied.

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@mara not sure this is something that can get customized actually.... :sob:

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