When Zoomed, Rstudio Help panel forgets bkg color setting

Hi All!,

I set my Rstudio theme color to Dark
(ie: White text on Black bkg).
The Editor theme is "Cobalt".

Easy on my poor eyes...
so all Rstudio panels have:
White text on Black bkg.

suppose I'm looking at the doc of an R pkg,
inside Rstudio.

If I click on the [Zoom] icon
of the Rstudio HELP Panel for that R pkg,
(label: "Show in new Window"),
the new Rstudio Help window pops up OK

  • but with:
    Black text on White bkg... :frowning:
    (just the opposite color combo...).

All other (non-zoomed) Rstudio Panels
still have the correct, chosen color settings.

Any fix on this? THANKS!
San Francisco
Rstudio 1.1.383 (latest)
Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS 32-bit.

Thanks for the bug report! I've filed this on our public issue tracker here:

We'll try to take a look soon!

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