When working in github-connected Rproject, what is the best practice for saving some files locally, which won't be pushed to the github repository?

I'm putting together a public Github repository with useful datasets on a particular topic. Some of my scripts subset and standardize larger datasets stored on my personal. The source files are too large to add to the repository. I don't want to include these pre-processing scripts in the repo either, but I would like to save them locally within the Rproj directory.

This project isn't an R package. If it was, I'd confidently use usethis::use_data_raw() to create a .Rbuildignore file and I'd keep all the unpushed scripts in a data-raw subfolder. Is using this function appropriate even in a non-package Rproj? Or is there a better way?

the git standard implements an ignore functionality by way of .gitignore file.
Rstudios git pane supports this; you can right click on a file that can potentially be staged and decide to ignore it .

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