When I set up a break point in Rstudio IDE, the Chinese character comment cannot be recognized

The error info is as follows.

debugSource('C:/Users/f_cheng/Desktop/中文名称/TASKS/TASK3/demo.R', encoding = 'UTF-8')
Error in parse(filename, encoding = encoding) : C:/Users/f_cheng/Desktop/鐙楃唺浼?TASKS/TASK3/demo.R:19:66: unexpected input
18: #鍓旈櫎涓嶇鍚堟潯浠剁殑鍙橀噺
19: travel_dat <- subset(travel_dat, select=c(-浜斿垎, -鍥涘垎, -涓夊垎, -璇勪环浜烘暟, -鏈€
After searching many solutions, I add the code


the problem still exists, which confuses me a lot.
Thanks for your help.

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